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Close 25% more loans, with less effort and no cost

Nurture and retain your borrowers with the nation's leading Agent Matching Service.

When your LOs get a buyer who isn’t already working with a real estate agent, Clever is the perfect solution to help you close the loan. 

Clever matches your borrower with top-rated local Agents who will work with your LOs to deliver a smoother experience and higher close rates.

Match your Buyers with Top Agents

Give your Buyers up to 0.5% Cash Back 

In 41 states, Clever gives your borrower up to 0.5% Cash Back after closing, giving your LOs a powerful retention tool to provide value and increase close rates. 

All value, no added cost 

Clever’s service is 100% free for lenders and borrowers. Agents pay Clever when they close a deal with a buyer referred through our platform. 

Concierge support for your Buyers and LOs 

Clever’s Licensed Concierges check in with your borrowers weekly and share real-time updates with your LOs, freeing up their time and productivity. 

How Clever helps your LOs close more loans 

📊 We match your buyers with vetted, top local Agents 

Clever helps your borrower compare Agents from multiple brokerages and choose the best fit for their situation and goals. We partner with Agents from all the major brands, including KW, RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, eXp, Compass, and more. All of our Partner Agents are hand-selected and must maintain a high level of performance to stay in our network.  

Our Agent Matching Process 

Here’s what happens when you send a borrower to Clever:

Within 5 minutes, a Clever Concierge calls your buyer to learn about their situation and goals.

We use our proprietary Agent Matching Platform to hand-pick 2-3 top agents that are a good fit.

We help your buyer interview and compare their Agent Matches to choose the one they like best.




We don’t stop until your buyer is satisfied! We’ll keep sending Agent Matches until they find the perfect fit.

✅  Create even more value for your clients  
✅  Stand out from the competition
✅  Increase your retention with purchase leads 

Clever Cash Back can help you:

🤝 Agents work with your LOs to deliver a seamless experience

When your LOs hand buyers off to Clever, they don’t just get an amazing local Agent – they get a Home Buying Team! Our top-rated Partner Agents work with your LOs to deliver a seamless, world-class experience, from house hunting through closing.

Better Agents and a smoother home buying journey mean better outcomes for the buyer and higher close rates for your LOs!

In 41 out of 50 states, Clever pays qualifying  home buyers a cash bonus of up to 0.5% of their purchase price after closing, as a “thank you” for choosing to work with  Clever — and YOU.

💰 Deliver more value with Clever Cash Back™ 

Clever Cash Back™ 

Note: Clever Cash Back is paid within 30 days of closing by e-check, so it’s not part of the transaction and doesn’t have to be included on the CD.

Clever Cash Back is available in every U.S. State  EXCEPT: Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana,  Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon and Tennessee.

Ongoing Concierge support for LOs and buyers 

Our Concierge Team provides support for your LOs and your borrowers throughout the entire home buying process. Our Concierge Team is fully licensed with backgrounds in real estate, property management, and transaction coordination, so you know your borrowers are in good hands. 

Your borrowers get an additional backstop for answering questions, coordinating between Agents and LOs, and ensuring they have an all-around amazing experience.

Your LOs get regular updates, 1-3x per week, through closing. This gives them more visibility into the pipeline and frees up time so they can be more productive.

🚀 No cost, all value! 

The best part about working with Clever? Our services are 100% free for LOs and your buyers!

We make money from Agents when they close a transaction with a client we send their way. That incentivizes us to GET DEALS done and make great matches that work for all sides.

But don’t take our word for it – see what our buyers and LO partners have to say.


Clever was founded in 2017 with a singular mission: making selling or buying a home easier and more affordable for everyone.
Since then, we’ve helped over 75,000 home-owners find the right real estate agent. And our educational content reaches more than 12M readers a year. And we’re just getting started. 

How to get started 

Ready to give Clever a try? Because our service is 100% free for lenders and LOs, there’s no risk – only upside! Sign up for a free trial below and let our Team show you what we can do 🚀 

About Clever 

Strategic Advisors

Jeff Walton 

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, InGenius

Barry Sandweiss

General Partner Cultivation Capital/Co-Founder at FinLocker 

Owen Lee 

Co-Owner / Corporate Counsel at Success Mortgage Partners 

Bill Higgins 

SVP - Strategic Investments at Essent U.S. Holdings 

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