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Clever home sellers save an average of $9,000 — with their first offer in just 13 days! 

Flat $3,000 listing fee

On homes that sell for up to $350,000

On homes that sell for more than $350,000

Low 1% listing commission

From brands like Keller Williams, RE/MAX & more

Top-rated realtors

No obligation or commitment. No upfront fees.

100% free service

Clever vs. the "Traditional Way"

What’s the difference between meeting an agent through Clever and finding an agent through a traditional brokerage or good, old-fashioned word of mouth? It’s what you pay: when you list with Clever, you can save up to 66% on your listing commission. 

Even if you’d found the exact same realtor without Clever. 

It’s the only difference. Literally. The agents you meet through Clever agents ARE traditional real estate agents. They’re full-service realtors who represent major brands like Keller Williams, RE/MAX, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, and more, plus the best local brokerages.

They’re just willing to accept a lower commission because they know working with Clever is good for business.

And when you find your agent through Clever, you pay a reduced rate — a flat $3,000 listing commission on homes up to $350,000, or a reduced listing commission of 1% if your home sells for more. That’s way less than the typical listing commission you’d pay a full-service realtor. The national average is 2.5 to 3%.

What you get

Finding an agent with

Your choice of 2 or 3 fully vetted agents, matched to your preferences using proprietary data

Listing on the MLS

Listing on Zillow, Trulia, & more

Professional photography and marketing

Comparative market analysis to determine the right listing price

Open houses and showings

Yard sign and lockbox

What you pay

Reduced 1% commission or a flat $3,000 commission

2.5 to 3% commission to the buyer’s agent (varies from market to market)

Total: Between 3.5% and 5% in total commission

Don’t waste your time and money — get the exact same service for less.

Every realtor you meet through Clever offers the same level of service they provide their other, full-commission clients. You’ll get the expertise and experience to sell your home fast, and for top dollar.

In fact, Clever home sellers see their first offer come in after an average of just 13 days, 2.8x faster than the national average. Check out the complete list of services you can expect below. 

NOTE: You should also expect to pay another 2.5 to 3% to the buyer's agent. That's not a Clever thing. It's an industry-wide thing. The national average for total commission adds up to 5-6% (2.5-3% plus 2.5-3%).

What you get

The best agent you can find, based on publicly available information and word of mouth

Listing on the MLS

Listing on Zillow, Trulia, & more

Professional photography and marketing

Comparative market analysis to determine the right listing price

Open houses and showings

Yard sign and lockbox

Meeting an agent on your own

What you pay

2.5 to 3% listing commission

2.5 to 3% commission to the buyer’s agent (varies from market to market)

Total: Between 5% and 6% in total commission


Pay $0 to us. And save thousands in commission. Here’s how:

Then you’ll get to speak with our team of licensed experts in five minutes or less. This gives you a chance to ask questions, share your personal goals, and prioritize what you’re looking for in an agent. We use these details and proprietary data to help you find the right realtor.

TIP: Not a fan of phones? You can skip the phone call after you submit your info. We’ll match you with your first agent within an average of just one hour.

Enter your basic info to get started now.

We bring you agents from top brands and brokerages — and tailor our recommendations to fit your needs. The agents you’ll meet are willing to offer you a better rate because we bring them more business, without their usual upfront costs (like marketing themselves to meet new customers, which is close to 70% of their total expenses). Then they agree to pass along that savings to you!

We negotiate lower rates on your behalf.

Clever is a 100% free service. And by the time you talk to any agent, they’ve already agreed to our pre-negotiated rates. We’ll start with just two or three agents who you can get to know for yourself. If for any reason you’re not ready to move forward with one of the agents we recommend, we’ll try again. Or you can walk away, no strings attached.

Choose the best agent. Save thousands!


Don't just take our word for it...

Join 15,000+ Clever home-sellers nationwide. We're rated 4.8-out-of-5 stars on independent review site Trustpilot. (350+ reviews)

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Questions? Our team of licensed experts is standing by.

Your Clever Concierge Team is here to answer any questions, offer advice and help you reach your real estate goals. Any question, any issue, we've got you. 

Every member of our Concierge Team is:

• A fully licensed real estate agent
• Equipped with the latest tech to help you move fast 
• Available 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm EST (5am to 5pm PST) 
• Here to support you — from now until your home sells!


Or, call our direct Concierge line at 833-2-CLEVER

Frequently Asked Questions

Agents you meet through Clever follow a pre-negotiated commission model. On homes that sell for less than $350,000, you’ll pay a flat $3,000 listing commission — or a low 1% commission on homes that sell for $350,000 or more.

That’s way less than the traditional fee for a full-service agent to list your home. The average listing fee is 2.5 to 3%.

The more you sell for, the more you save. With a flat $3,000 listing commission, you’d save between $3,250 and $4,500 if your home sold for $250,000 (vs. the 2.5 to 3% rate). Or if your home sold for $350,000, you’d save between $5,750 and $7,500!

If your home sold for $500,000, our 1% commission rate would save you between $7,500 and $10,000. On a $1,000,000 sale, you’d save between $15,000 and $20,000.

How much can I save in commission with Clever?

Why would a top-rated, full-service realtor work with Clever and lower their rate?

We partner with top agents at major brands across the country, plus the best local brokerages. It gives full-service real estate agents the flexibility to meet customers who are looking for a discount (that's a lot of customers) — but without branding themselves as a discount agent (and not being able to charge full commission for the other customers they meet on their own). 

Clever also offers a more reliable, steady stream of new business, with zero upfront costs on their end. This saves them a ton of time and money — particularly when it comes to marketing themselves to new customers, which is close to 70% of their total expenses. 

We let realtors choose to work whenever it aligns with their own goals. And for as long as they live up to Clever’s standard of providing first-class, full-service agents. 

We’ve found agents are willing to negotiate rates for several reasons — to hit sales targets, to enter new markets, in response to the local housing market, or simply because fewer upfront costs means higher profits, even with the discount. It comes down to what makes the most business sense for them.

For agents, working with Clever means:

The average total commission ranges from 5% to 6%. But that commission is split between the listing agent (the agent who sells your home) and the buyer’s agent (the agent of the person who buys your home).

The commission is usually split down the middle, more or less — depending on what the two agents agree on. That’s why the average listing commission is 2.5% to 3% and the average buyer’s agent commission is also 2.5% to 3%.

The 3% and 6% you hear from a lot of realtors comes from the high end of those two figures.

Is the average commission rate 3% or 6%?

  • A more consistent stream of business

  • More signs in yards 

  • More happy clients and referrals 

  • More traditional business, too 

  • All with zero upfront costs or marketing expenses

Most homebuyers are working with a buyer’s agent and that agent is expecting a commission. Not offering buyer’s agent commission can force the buyer to pay their agent out of pocket, which can limit their ability to purchase your home. It also disincentives the buyer’s agent from showing your home to their clients because they know they’ll net a lower commission than other homes in your area. It’s not ethical, but it happens.

Why do I still need to pay commission to the buyer's agent?

We cap your maximum total commission at 5%, so you never overpay in commission.

Our flat $3,000 model starts saving you less money if your home sells for under $125,000 (because $3,000 is 2.4% of $125,000). That’s why we switch to a 5% rate on homes below the $125,000 threshold.

That 5% also includes buyer’s agent commission, putting you on the very low end for both your listing agent’s commission and the buyer’s agent commission.

Plus, we connect you with top-rated, full-service agents — giving you a better chance to sell your home for more, and save more money too.

What’ s the most I could pay in commission with Clever?

If I pay less commission, will I get the same level of service and attention to detail as a more expensive agent?

Yes, as long as your agent is a full-service agent and not a “discount agent” or attached to a limited-service brokerage.

TIP: When you talk to any realtor, make sure you’re on the same page about the level of service you can expect. Once you sign an exclusive listing agreement with a discount agent or a limited-service brokerage, you’ll be locked into those terms for the duration of your contract.

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Clever connects you with top-rated, full-service realtors at reduced rates. So you never have to pay the full 5-6% commission rate.

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